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Wedding Update #547

Location: We went to Maine last weekend...and it was cold and raining!! I really want to add heaters to the rental bill, so we will see. Please pray for us that it will not be cold and raining on said day, which is late August. If it does, though, it will be extra romantic, and we'll have to sneak in more candles to make it super snuggly.

purple petuniaFlowers: Oh, the flowers. We met with the florist, and there might possibly be hanging baskets of purple flowers everywhere. How delightful. I'm very excited about my bouquet, because it is not roses. Don't know why I don't want roses, but I don't. Mom found a clipping in RealSimple of a bouquet with a surprise flower that I can't tell you about until The Day, but if it works, you will be surprised. Let's put it this way: I'm having a bouquet of weeds! Just kidding, but it will be a wild flower theme...

The Cake: I live-blogged about the cake tasting. It was delicious, and may have the flowers from my Twitterpaited desktop wallpaper swirled on it.

The Dress: Is looking fabulous! Jenny (the dressmaker) and I have been working hard to pin and stitch the muslin into a shape just so. I have been to 4 muslin fittings and our next date is to step into the actual silk dupioni. I have been wearing 3 inch heels in her studio for height, but David and I just looked at ourselves in the mirror, and (throat clearing), I'm taller than him barefoot. It must be all the whole milk I drink. So, if I can find a smashing flat, then that is what I will do. Please put suggestions in the Comments! And I'll have to investigate in Stylehive.

bustierThe Bridesmaid's Dresses: They are on the schedule to begin getting made. I love them so much, that I am getting one for myself. Hopefully, they will be short, poof skirts (maybe even above the knee) with a bustier on top, very similar to the Katie James bustier.

DIY Wedding bookThe Invitations: This is the next project. Mom is going to find a printer online with a template, and I'll provide some art files. For my own wedding, I didn't want to use a lot of paper. For Mother's Day, I sent Mom the DIY Wedding book from Kate's Paperie (which is also available at Amazon, and if you buy it there from this link, I get a commission!). The DIY Wedding book had a big invitation section with lots of ideas and websites, so I need to get cracking on looking at them.

chocolate colored cosmos flowerThe Groom's Attire: Eek. David has been working 15 hour days, 7 days a week, so has not been available to shop. I thought I could just make this decision for him (buy the suit, he puts it on), but suddenly he had an opinion about how pale he would look in a very light cream suit. So. Now that I think about it, I will be in off-white/cream, and if he and his merry men are in cream, that could be a lot of cream. The men will have chocolate colored "cosmos" in their lapels, so that will look nice against cream...but hmm.

The Flower Girls: Another eek. This is such a fun dress, so I've been putting off designing it, because they are going to have skirts of tulle. I need to get this done.

Showers: Three showers are in the works for June: One in Cleveland for Clevelanders given by my dear friend and inspiration of the Katie James burp cloth, and one in Columbus for those folks, which will be 'personal' themed! Think bath salts and candles. Hopefully one in New York for New Yorkers, if David is in fact NOT working on a weekend.

This past Christmas, David's sister gave me a table massage to be used on the wedding weekend. When she gave it to me, I thought "Can I use it now?" But based on all of these decisions, I am so glad to have it for the wedding week!

PS! You must go see the movie that David worked on last summer! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He managed the locations for the beginning scene with Indie is at his academic location, and rides away on a motorcycle.

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