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FashionJunkie Loves Jeni's Maker's Mark with Butter Pecans

jeni's ice cream, eaten by FashionJunkie

Dara of FashionJunkie.com pulled me aside at this party given by personal stylist, Alexandra Stylist, and requested a private meeting. A private Jeni's ice cream meeting. FashionJunkie is a New Yorker who also knows of and loves Jeni's ice cream! Alexandra is also a Jeni's fan (Dark Chocolate, and the dangerous Black Coffee), so I ordered the ice cream online, and it came, no joke, in under 48 hours, packed in dry ice. I hailed a cab and carried the box of "imported" delicacy into this New York fabulousness. What ensued was basically me as a barrista for 6 pints of ice cream for hipster chics and their men when the band stopped playing. And the band, Leighra, also loved the ice cream. Thanks Jeni's!

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