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What do you do when Husband forgets your Birthday?

It's a giant mystery, really. Today is June 5th. The day of my birthday. And I don't care what anybody says, everyone is Queen for the Day on their birthdays. Even if it rains, is terrible, what. And today was a great day actually, despite the rain and despite my very hard attempts at leaving this computer to go treat myself to a tour of the Met (didn't happen). But then Mugi Pottery needed an email sent out and pictures posted pronto because their Associates Show is tonight, Sabina kicked some serious entrepreneur butt for Collective-E on BetterTV (click the Start Your Own Business part), and birthday wishes galore in Facebook.

So. This morning my husband, who gets up every morning at 5:30am to get to work on Step Up 3, decided not to wake me, and to let me sleep. On my birthday. He normally wakes me up to say goodbye. I guess I was radiating Sleeping Beauty Queen - Do Not Disturb.

I gave him plenty of hints. I said that my brother's birthday was Sunday, and isn't it fun that he is here and we can see him. I invited David to have drinks with friends of mine, but didn't say why. Just that we were meeting. Last night, he got in after a boys night at a steak house, and was so excited about the left over steak he brought home, and how I could eat it for breakfast. He then turned on the TV to catch the Obama speech. Oddly, on CNN, there were tons of birthday commercials. Not sure why, but it was odd. Then, and by this time David had passed out sort of, Charlie Rose was wishing happy birthday to someone. The coincidences.

So back to this morning of no birthday wish. We even spoke on the phone, he asked me what was on the docket. I told him that I was taking myself to the Met. Kind of abnormal for me. During the work day. But nothing. No recollection. He did mention that he thought he had one more thing to tell me, but no, nothing. Later in the day, his Dad called. That's an occasion that does not happen often, and I was glad to hear from him. No mention of birthday, but that's totally normal - he's a dad, and dad's sometimes just don't know these things. Like husbands, I guess, don't know these things.

So, I'm not yet in the camp that says: "You must remind your husband of these things." I'm just not there yet. Someday maybe. For his own children, yes, I would remind him. For his family, yes, I would make sure he called. But for me, no. It's just me and my little party!

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