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Laser Hair Removal Review: Appointment #11 The Double Pass

Well Laser Review Researchers, the double pass has proven successful. I was on the more powerful machine, up to at least 40, and maybe higher at times (can't remember). The legs are finally showing signs of relenting, and not just slow growth, but behaving in a way that the other areas (bikini) have already shown. There is more patchiness, and I was able to skip a shaving session, only shaving the lower half of my legs (they have not gotten lasered yet).

And that's really all I can say. We are still not completely done in the areas: thighs, bikini, luv trail. I know that laser hair removal is not permanent but when you see that some hair is totally gone, and the neighboring hair is not, well, it's pretty frustrating, let me tell ya. The Waiting Game is on, a twelfth appointment is booked, and we'll see.

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