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Cake Tasting Galore at Sticky Fingers!

Here I am, tasting wedding cake at Sticky Fingers in Maine. Yummidy yummidy.

What will our cake flavors be? All cakes have a stiffer butter cream outside frosting, with the exception of Bonnie Butter which had a super sweet outside frosting. I really wanted the super sweet outside frosting, but the cooks suggested not. Therefore, we will have one chocolate and one vanilla cake. Both will have the butter frosting on the outside, and on the inside, will have a lining of the super sweet frosting. On the vanilla, we will also have a spread of raspberry preserves.

The cake will be decorated with tulle and rose petals. And if rose petals are too expensive, I will cut out circles of dupioni from my silk dupioni collection here in the Home Office. Oh, and maybe the cake will have the Katie James Twitterpaited flower pattern on it!

But stay tuned, because we may go cupcakes.


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