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Indiana Jones Deemed a Knockout!! David's scenes are first 5mins

Attention! The movie that David worked on last summer is here. His scenes are in the beginning of the movie, Indianna Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Action takes place on Yale University's campus, as the academic setting for Indie. David's job is to location manage, so he was in charge of making 4 sets of constructions sites go away, or promising a bride that Indie's motorcycle would not disrupt her service when Indie goes roaring by. These are some examples.

This is the movie where it was my 30th birthday (June 5th!) and I packed my bags on a Thursday, got a dog sitter for Gerdy and the cats, took the train to New Haven, CT like a big girl, and was ready for a 30th birthday surprise getaway to Nantucket. Except that, come Friday morning, the team of Very Important People (like, the director) for whatever reason didn't make the flight from LA to NYC, and so had to do their big scout on Saturday, which was exactly when we were supposed to be on vacation. Let me put it to you this way. If you've ever heard of a Katie Kaboom, this was one such time (I was really PMSing, so that didn't help). The weekend started with me at a LaQuinta in the industrial part of New Haven next to an Ikea, which I couldn't access. I was paying my dog sitter to dog sit Gerdy so that I could be in a LaQuinta.

But, the good that came out of it, was that I found my very favorite hair salon (in New Haven) who does all of my dark brown coloring and good layers, and I discovered that I can do very good design work in coffee shops if I haven't gotten out of the Home Office in a while. We also discovered the Thimble Islands, which are opposite from the Long Island Sound, and I personally would have loved to live there, but David says that the 2 hour commute is too long. One and a half hours for me by train, but he needs his car. Not looking to reduce that carbon footprint.

So anyway, please go see the movie!

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