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Physics Question on Road Trip on Velocity and Trucks

David  asked me this question as we r driving to Maine: if we were driving behind a truck that carries cars, and if the ramp went down and we rode up it, maintaining oyrour speed of 80mph, would we catapult up the ramp? imI'm thinking no, just like when u r on a plane, and you jump inrointo the air, u do not smack the back of the plane that just flew under u. davidDavid says that if iI was on top of the plane, or train, and not inside of it, that it would indeed move without me, and i'dI'd kandland in a sifderentdifferent spotthis was typed from my iphoneiPhone while standistands g in line at wendy's, so please excuse the typose. nut please give your thoughts on this physics question!

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