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Going Wedding Scouting in Maine

David has been officially charged with Location Manager for this wedding. That's his real life job, after all, so when we need someone to 'go into the living room,' like in Jerry McGuire, we send David. He's going to start on another movie soon, though, so we need to go up to Maine this week and scout out good hotels, back up ceremony locations, a spot for a clam/lobsta bake for the rehearsal dinner, and just get a move on. Because I didn't want to do this RIGHT after we got engaged (like, that weekend), we opted for this later time, and as a result, half of the places we want have closed for the season! We have to email them all. Oh dear.

Here are pics of our dream wedding ceremony location. This is the side yard of the house that has been in the family for 5 generations. David wants to get married on the ocean. Not a cove, not a river, but the ocean.

view from house in maine

This is the back of the house from lower down on the rocks. The back yard is basically a cliff.
back view of house in maine

Gerdy pre-scouting the exact spot where we might be married. I think she just got promoted to ring-dog.
gerdy pre-scouting the exact spot where we could be standing

This area of water is called The Thread of Life. It's in front of our house. I'm not sure why it's called that.
the thread of life in maine

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