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New Harido :: Brown Coloring Won

The poll on my hair color was very interesting. There was almost a tie for black highlights or brown coloring with blond highlights, and slightly less than a third voted for no change at all. Well, that wasn't really an option. I just put it there, because when a girl wants to bring some drama to her hair, she wants to bring drama to her hair. I couldn't go too crazy, though, because I remembered that I was having a wedding in a year...and dark hair is damaging to bleach up.

So, David, the new fiance (ee!) is filling his roll quite nicely as Accommodating Fiance and agreed to drive me all the way to New Haven to get my hair cut at my new favorite, Laura Ouellette Salon on State Street (CitySearch backs me up on this). They have the funnest coloring system, not to mention the decorating is in mainly antiques. But they also have Gina, the expert and very creative colorist who just won 3rd in a national competition, actually. We talked, and agreed on a brown hair swatch #6 nuetral with a little #6 gold mixed in. And, voila!

hair in foil for coloring

Which turned into this (note my bling: that's my placeholder ring of aquamarine from etsy.com!):

brown hair coloring underneath

Which looks like this from the back (my only instructions are: leave no hair the same length. when I say layer, the whole thing is a layer)

layers in hair from back

We basically colored 40% of my hair brown, which consisted of the back of my hair, and in the front, we put strips of brown in between the blond highlights (that was all the foil) to create some sweet looking brown streaks. To show this all off, I finally got a flat iron. No more curls and messy layers with summer ending. Even though it was 80 degrees today, fall is coming and that means that hair can take some straightening without getting too frizzy. So I bypassed Duanne Read and went to Ricky's and got a medium priced BaBliss Pro flat iron, with the help of a very helpful girl who had used them. Check out the wall of flat and curling irons at Ricky's:

buying a flat iron at ricky's

I did no homework on this brand, so I will be blogging on how good or how bad it is in weeks or months to come...

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