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Helpful Horoscope or a Lament on Newspaper Subscriptions

Before I left for my Paris trip, I leafed through AMNY to read my horoscope, which is usually very telling and is the only horoscope I follow anymore. A common enough activity, but now that I work from my apartment, I regretfully don't venture out to get the free daily paper anymore, so I know much less of what is truly going on in the city, and instead have turned into one of those people I wondered about who watch the anchorman read headlines on NY1, the local New York station. I canceled the New York Times a few years ago when it switched publishers and turned its front page into war porn. I should at least get the weekend and Thursday Style sections. And on my always forgotten to-do list, is to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, because I always get ideas from that paper, especially the Marketplace section.

So what did my horoscope say? Which was the point of this post? It said: "Big dreams can come true in the next two weeks, with your active participation. First, you must actually dream something you want to have come true. Second, write it down."

Ah. Two things I have fallen out of the habit of since I started my business. My priorities have become such things like getting my QuickBooks under control before the end of the year so that I can submit the numbers before taxes are due, like I usually do. This priority indicates that I'm in a good spot, but a number of little dreams I'd nurtured had grown gray. The Paris trip was good for plucking me out of my daily life that had become wrought with tiny details, and reminding me of other colors in my pallet. Lets hope I stick with the visions.

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