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Packing for Paris

Packing is going well. Oliver has attempted to come with a few times, while Gerdy jumped up out of her sleep under the couch with an official "I knew it!" while Dinah slept through most of it.

For David, I ironed. He is an ironing maniac, so I knew he wouldn't want me trolloping all over Paris in wrinkles. I unpacked the new Paris clothes from their Liberty House shopping bag, and oh how I love the smell of new clothes. New clothes and new plastic. Reminds me of shopping with my mom in hidden little boutiques when I was like 10, and as for new plastic, it reminds me of Christmas and new gadgets. Like a computer or cabbage patch kids packaging and their plastic heads.

I'm making my mental list of things to look for: pants. I'm mending the coolest and most comfortable pair of pants I own, just to wear in Paris. Flats to go with said pants, and a leather purse.

I'm copying my birth certificate, writing down bank cards and phone numbers, and making sure the passport is in a safe place, but not too safe that I don't know where it went.

And thank goodness, I made my mom and godmother special Katie James sleep masks as little thank you presents for surprising me with this trip.

silk sleep masks

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