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Inspiration for New Hair Color! Daphne Guinness

daphne guinness good hairI got a great layered hair cut while in Columbus 3 weeks ago, that I really need to blog about because an actual rock star man cut my hair, and now it needs a good color. I've looked and looked through magazines, and nothing is inspiring. Until now, when I was watching a haute couture documentary on WLWI21, and Daphne Guinness was one of the haute club members who talked to the filmmaker about what makes the clothes works of art. Here's a bit more info about Daphne.

I've never heard of Daphne Guinness before, but I liked her. I know it's bad to confess that on a blog called FashionMista, but truth be told, there is lots I don't know about fashion. There. I said it. Daphne loved her haute collection. She knew her clothing, concentrating on the difference in shoulder seams in two pieces in her collection for one segment, for example. Here's what she says about dressing well, for women.timesonline.co.uk: "I think you do have a more fun life if you wear beautiful clothes. There is a certain joy in it; dressing well is an art and it shows respect to be neatly turned out."

I know this is a ghetto way of posting a photo, and it's not her best shot, but I needed to capture her hair exactly as it was for this film - so the picture is of her on my TV. Blond with streaks of black? Or very dark brown? And she tightly curled it put it in a loose side swoop. Love it.

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