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Accidental Shopping for Paris :: Gentle Fawn

On Sunday, after strolling back from brunch with David, I casually veered off (beelined) into The Liberty House on W. 112 and Broadway, in search of unusual clothing for the Paris trip. (note: The Liberty House was an early boutique to carry my Katie James travel jewelry pouches and checkbook covers). Suddenly it's Fall, and I panicked. Needless to say, David abandoned me for "the scores" in a bar down the street (he got kicked out for loitering, basically, for not buying beer).

gentle fawn black shirt

Back to clothes. I walked out an inspired woman. It took a hit into the Paris fund, but it's for Paris, so is justified. Plus, I discovered a whole new line: Gentle Fawn. Love it. So comfortable and feminine and smooth and soft knit. Flattering and secretive knit (hides those love handles that Michael Stars shirts can so often expose). Great shapes, great colors.

gentle fawn striped long sleeve

This is the one that I got:
gentle fawn brown shirt

From their website:
"What started out as an afternoon of innocent thrift shopping turned into a brand new clothing line – and changed the lives of designer Daniel and Carla Hogg. Founded in 2003, Gentle Fawn Clothing is inspired by a rare collection of antique ceramic fawns. Today, the original fawn remains as the symbol of the company’s creative beginnings and its design inspiration. Gentle Fawn is a dynamic and imaginative line of clothing that speaks for people who follow their own paths in life. Our style is clean and modern, with details that give each piece of clothing distinctiveness. Our design reflects a strong sense of fashionable edge, but never neglects the bit of charm that sets us apart from the rest. Fashion is often a question of design versus function. Season after season, Gentle Fawn manages to create a line with the perfect blend of both great designs and functionality. The brand has emerged as a stylish mix of nature and city elements. This balance is the cornerstone of the collection and reflects the lives and philosophies of owners Daniel and Carla."

Click here for some of their photos in action.

gentle fawn black shirt

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