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A Beauty : Onyx Flower Ring from South Street Designs

black onyx ring puffina on etsyLove the Stylhive/Etsy combo. There is no official partnership there, it's just that there are so many cute things in Etsy, that they get Stylehived all the time. Like this new black onyx flower ring from Puffluna at South Street Designs. Its clear, greenish jade sister was hived by bunches of people, and after I hived it, I went to buy it, but no...sold out (but she has more stuff). I have an onyx ring from years past, but it is currently in a tangle with a gold baby necklace of mine, so I broadened my onyx ring horizons and got this, which is just perfect and looks exactly as it does in the picture. She custom made it to my ring size, and voila. Fit perfectly.

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