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Well I made it through the sickness, which did progress into a delirious fever. I called my mom as I walked up Broadway to Duane Reade to get the cleaning supplies and medicine, and sure enough if I didn't wander up and down the isles, unable to find the main ingredient of anything that my mother was insisting I get, in between insisting that I get off the streets and into my bed. David was still working in CT on the Indiana Jones film, so he wasn't going to be of any help for several more hours. That meant it was up to me to get at least the cleaning supplies for the cleaning woman who was coming over at 9am the next morning.

David did call to check in, and when he started complaining of his scratchy throat after I got done telling him that I was still not doing well in Duane Reade, I pretty much ended the call in a huff, citing lack of sympathy from a boyfriend. When he called back, all I could say was: "Unless you are calling to offer to bring me something, then I am hanging up." And when he did ask what I needed, I was currently stopped on the street in the drizzle, blowing my nose with 5 bags of what I needed splayed on the sidewalk around me.

Me: "I've got everything I need."
David: "Everything?"
Me: "Shoot! I forgot the mop. You can get me a mop. It's a very special kind."

We haggled over the inconvenience of getting the mop and parking, because I had also
inserted that I would like a very juicy burger from the Dive Bar, and the heated chocolate mudd cake from Henry's with vanilla ice cream, not pistachio.

Can you believe me? Clearly I needed to Zen out. David instructed me not to turn on ANY dramatic TV, and to just put on nice music and remain calm. So when I got back, I fed the animals and put on the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Session, which was just lovely and whisked me away to a Zen place. Sometimes in early summer, I get strange fits of nesting energy, and I rearrange things. This night proved no exception, as I turned all of the furniture right side up and put everything back, only dusting what I touched. Three plays later of the album, I had collapsed on the couch, aching all over, thermometer in my mouth which had reached 100.9, and David walked in with the yumminess. I ate, we walked Gerdy, and I popped the PM Tylenol, which actually kept me awake until I had some NyQuil. And now I'm getting better in our beautiful room that is so much brighter and has a new screen in the window that I found under the bed.

Zenning on Friday Night

Instead of wine, I cracked a bottle of Pellegrino, and it was delicious in my tea cup! This started the night of calm.

Cleaning supplies. A must for some forms of therapy. And an US Weekly and a Vogue.

The new room! Butter walls and David's chair-in-a-half on the opposite side of the room from where it was. It's awkward getting to it, but quite nice sitting in because the bed can alternate between a giant foot rest and a desk, as pictured.

Thankfully David doesn't mind my babushka scarf decorating the TV to make it fit in more. He says it's nice that I'm trying to incorporate the TV into the room, which he can watch so much of on Saturdays (sports, history, nature).

Gerdy, encouraging me to be done taking pics. But this is the new space in front of the room.

And the vantage point from the front of the room. No lights are on, it's just this bright.

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