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Cousin Jeff Terrell Goes to NFL!!

jeff terrell signs with kansas cityYay!! My not so little cousin has just signed with the Kansas City Cheifs after bringing Princeton out of destruction and into many victories. I'd hear about Jeff's committment to the team and to the sport while we were home at Christmas parties. He talked of the hard work of balancing an academic career at Pricenton while improving on the field. The early years were tough, and he spent the first two on the bench. Jeff ended up leading his team to the Ivy League title, and winning the Bushnell Cup.

Says Jeff in The Daily Princetonian talking about watching now St. Louis Rams backup quarterback (unfortunately) beat Princeton: "I remember sitting there on the sidelines thinking, 'This guy's good, he's quite a player,' " Jeff recalled. "That was my goal, although it was pretty far-fetched: doing what Ryan could do with Harvard, winning the title and the award and going to the NFL."

This is so exciting, because Jeff is so humble, loves the sport, and is very open minded about his future. Last year, while David was at a Giant's game, I flipped around the channels and caught Jeff in a game against...I can't remember now, but it was two games before the Yale game (which they won), and Jeff looked great!

Read all about it at The Daily Princetonian. Photo by Bernard Rocca and borrowed from The Daily Princetonian.

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