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My Friend Writes a Chic Lit Book

right before your eyes by ellen shanmanI'm mourning the ending of my A.M. Holmes book, lost and wandering without anything to read but Star's crossword puzzle and Suduko, when I get an email from a long silent friend that her new book is now available in stores and on Amazon! I think she's been holed up for a while editing it!

Right Before Your Eyes, by Ellen Shanman, stars Liza, a spunky and spirited Yale graduate who intends with all certainty to become a famous playwrite. High rent and other costs of living in this insanely expensive city drive her to being a temp in an office. Liza has a goofy friend, two roommates, and a wicked tongue. She's smart, educated, and doesn't suffer fools gladly. Her world begins to shift when in the short span of a few days she meets a Wall Street baron who, when she falls and twists her ankle, he stays with her in the ER until she kicks him out. That's not all of the love interest your going to get. She asks out the ER doctor, a person lacking in passion but good husband material, and then is contacted by a struggling young director who wants to produce her play.

Dream come true? This will be a read for summer.

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