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Heartfelt Posts Go Missing from FashionMista

It has been made awares to me that heartfelt posts have gone missing from FashionMista. And they really have, I'm not gonna lie. Ever since I learned how to upload a photo to my blog from my iPhone by way of Flickr, my posts have become very...situational and sporadic. Less of me sitting down, just me and the laptop and the music from the iPhone, churning the thoughts and designer spotlights that get typed into here.

I did write a heartfelt post today, and the Collecective-E Blog was the recipient. To be quite honest, and this is brutal honesty here, I've been a little consumed these last weeks, because while developing Collective-E, the ideas of which bring me such a high because we truly are developing things that help people, all of my energy has gone to one place (which in and of itself, is a lot of places), and I'm used to bouncing from computer to sewing machine to glitter glue. David's brother-in-law was here last week (oops...that was a month ago! see what I mean?), and they all left on a Friday for the afternoon into the evening. I finished all of my remaining miscellaneous layouts for Collective-E, and suddenly I was free to craft, free to clean, free to put together my cheesy "craft tote" bag thing that I got from Target. When the boys came home, I was proud to tell them that I had shut the computer down!

But when they got home, I did cheat on myself a bit, and happily checked emails on my iPhone. ;) I literally hid in my art supply closet to type replies, and David's brother-in-law turned the corner to spot me and wondered why I was hiding there. I think I just needed to be in a different place that smelled like glue and glitter and paper and organized mess. All I did that night was fill this craft tote with scissors (I have 7 pairs of scissors?!) and flower paper punches, but it felt so good.

But back to my heartfelt post. You really will like it. It's inspired by my kitchen geraniums, as are some other things I've made, and it is meant to be encouragement to all of us whose careers or ways of incomes are changing. It was a gift I 'made' for Beth and Sabina that I wanted to give when we launched, and we did launch, so I gave it at our first Collective Social of the year. Even though it's not here at FashionMista, I think you'll like it.

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