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My New Curly Hair Product Invention!

curly hair productsI've tried a new concoction of products in my bathroom to get curly hair for the summer, and I'm so excited that it's working!

True ocean water has been the best "product" to give me natural waves. Ocean water brightens hair in the sun, and it coats it with salt to keep your hair in position. Not the John Frieda Ocean Water product, because that was a big disappointment. Not only did it not coat my hair in salt, but it smelled like coconut sunscreen, which is not how the ocean smells. In fact, it was sticky, and didn't even taste like salt. It curled my hair, but not in the true ocean water kind of way that leaves your locks thick, stiff and soft.

So, in my thoughts yesterday, I considered dissolving some sea salt from the kitchen in hot water, and sprinkling it on my hair. Then I considered using my Ameripure Crystal exfoliator because it does taste like salt, and it's basically salt and some kind of baking soda or something. Plus, one day when I was exfoliating my face, I got some of the product on my bangs, and it actually made them stiff yet soft, and they stayed right where I wanted them!

So this morning, I took a tiny dip of the AmeriPure exfoliator, mixed it with water, and scrunched my hair, which does have some natural wave to it, but it's all about capturing that wave. I did scrunch and blow dry, which maybe I should not have done, because my top pieces did get blown frizzy and straight. Otherwise, though, I am having curly hair!

Proof of Curly Hair From My Product Invention

curly hair natural wave
One curly lock!

curly hair natural wave
Natural curly waves!

FashionMista's Recipe for Curly Hair Product Combos

2 tiny dips of Ameripure Crystal Exfoliator
Splashes of water
Aveda's Smoothing Fluid
Redkin #2 Water Wax

Procedure: how to get curly hair from these products
Start with wet hair. Dip your finger into the Ameripure Crystol Exfoliator and mix it with some water from the faucet. Rub it on your hands and scrunch into your hair. Blow dry with scrunches if you wish, and if you have a round diffuser, that would be best. Otherwise, blow dry and scrunch lightly, then let the rest air dry. More curls will come. If you can get into the sun while the hair is still wet that would be fantastic.

Once suitably dry (maybe just the underneath is wet), squirt about 3-5 squirts of Aveda Smoothing Fluid onto your hands and lightly scrunch while smoothing over the top frizzy parts. To finish the curly ends, take a small dip of the Redkin #2 Water Wax and quickly pull at the ends of your hair. For extra hold, rub in some more Ameripure Crystol Exfoliator.

Comment below if you try it!

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