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Health Insurance for the Entrepreneur

Quick research this morning into how to get health insurance has led me to the following (new) list of things to do. I share this with you because it's good to have this in place when you set up shop for yourself, so that you can easily enroll in a group plan like with the Freelancers Union. This list is a result of the eligibility list at Freelancers Union:
  • Submit your proof of incorporation. I do have LLC paperwork that I got last May, so that's good.
  • I can show proof of pay from my last work in order to meet the 20 hours of pay for 8 weeks. So, I'll need to go online with the payroll company and print off some payment pages that show how many hours I worked.
  • Freelance proof of payment. This is where I wish I had a better system (hello, admin whirlwind). I have not been making copies of checks, but really should have been. I had a copier/printer, but it sort of broke, so I need a copier. From now on, will copy all checks and staple them to invoices, like a good little accountant would. Now I have to go online and search for pictures, I think, of those checks.
Knowing this might take a little bit, I followed up with the Cobra notice I got in the mail, dated March 9, 2007. My last date of work was February 28th, 2007. Thanks for the late note. They say I can pay monthly for my insurance, but I need to pay for 2 months, which would be over $700. No way! Bad investment. I know it's a gamble, because I could get very sick or have a torn retina or something, but this is not an investment I want to make. So I need to move the above list up the master list of priorities and get it finalized with Freelancer's Union.

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