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Our new Beautysleep mattress from David at Macy's

Our new Beautysleep plush mattress

Everyone, this is David at Macy's. Not David the Groom, but David the Mattress Professional. I've been wanting a new mattress ever since David moved in, and I sold my Stearns and Foster Queen size mattress on Craig's list. I had a bed frame, but David had a full size sleigh bed, so la de da, we kept his mattress and lost mine! :(...

So now that we are married, I took us to Macy's for their holiday sale, and found all mattresses on sale. If you ask me, they are all prices that they should be, and no one should buy a mattress that is not on sale, but anyway.

David the Mattress Professional was so great. Encouraged us to listed to our bodies as we tested the mattresses. My David was actually quite involved, testing the firm side, then the plush side, and we were on the same page about what we liked! Yay.

Shown here is David the Mattress Professional demonstrating the wrapped coils inside of the Beautysleep mattress. This is the mattress from the bowling ball commercial, where the woman drops the bowling ball on the mattress, and the pins on the other side don't move.

PS: If you are going to go shopping for a mattress, and you go to Sleepy's or somewhere where they promise to beat other prices, don't even do the research. I did the research, and learned that the stores change the model of the mattress, so no one really offers the same thing. Just go with a store you trust.

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