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Cannot Wait for Collective-E Meeeting

Because it's at a spa. A spa! How enjoyable will this be? Collective-E members are having our first Collective Social, where we will hear what everybody does, learn more about what everybody needs, and tap into the collective energy that women entrepreneurs produce when they are in a room together. And what better a room that at AmorePacific Spa, who is graciously letting us use the space for the meeting! Not only that, but Melissa of AmorePacific is packaging little skin care gifts as giveaways at our holiday party on December 2nd (you are totally invited, see details here), and may also supply a door prize give-away. Um...I think I will rig the drawing pool? ;)

I've been wanting to get a facial, a desire which has turned into a need, because David just announced, after staring at a new PMS zit on my forehead, that he's so glad I get zits, as it shows that I am still young. I think he can buy me a facial now, right? ;)

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