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Correction: Manic Monday Mis-naming

Ok, so I've been double corrected on my Facebook Wall for saying that Cyndi Lauper sang Manic Monday. It was The Bangles. Wikipedia has confirmed. I was first corrected with the wrong name,
but totally good guess and I was believing it, but then Daisyhead chimed in and accused us of being too young to even be discussing this. Now, the first corrector and I were at high school dances together shortly after this song came out (ok, like maybe 6 or 8 years after the song came out), so it's in our realm. I knew shortly after typing it that I might be wrong, and did not bother to fact check, when I put on said Cyndi Lauper album...and didn't hear the song. So.

Now, go buy their album through my affiliate links to Amazon. I need to start making some money. Did my taxes for this year, and while I did make a profit in my first year of business, which is viewed as "awesome" by my accountant, and while my standard of living has not changed, and I continue to get pedis, the bank, when it comes to a housing loan, has decided that I am at poverty level. Although my credit score is A+.

So buy this album! I am!
the bangles manic monday

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