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Sneak Peak Into Katie James Pixelated Design

Hi Everyone,
I'm writing up letters of agreement for people who will do contract work with me for Katie James Pixelated, you know, the new online specialty division of Katie James. The stages in my brain to get this all done, is really almost overwhelming. But that's ok. I started on the design of the new website while on the train to my favorite hair salon in New Haven, CT to get my striking new look. Then, I had to make some letterhead for a proposal, because once I had a direction of the new website design, I couldn't use my old design that was my band-aid solution until something like this was ready.

So this is a header for the top of stationery, specifically for a Proposal. Each letterhead will have its own kind, meaning, the word in the blue box will change to say what it is. So for a letter of agreement, "Letter of Agreement" will go in that blue box. Makes filing a breeze. To me, the design just makes me happy. It's refreshing, and I love looking at it. I hope you like it and don't think it too boring...


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