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Etsy Love :: Leather Cuff Bracelet

Can we talk about this? How cool is this leather cuff bracelet from GreenBelts? I'm lounging on top of my "new" poly-filled puffy comforter that I lifted from my Mom's house, and am drinking a glass of my uncle's yummy new wine, the Australian Barossa Jack (I mean that his company, Vintage Point, represents it...and it is so hard to stop drinking). I'm searching for a silver man bracelet on Etsy, but came across this:

green leather cuff bracelet from greenbelts on etsy.com

I'm buying it. But the search for the silver man bracelet continues. Why? No reason in particular..

But quickly, I have randomly found these penguin cufflinks after a search for "silver men" because "silver man bracelet" did not yeild such hot results on Etsy.com. I think I will get these because David and I saw March of the Penguins together in Maine, and also maybe in New York. This could be a symbolic gift, right? These are made in and shipped from Edinburgh, so I'd better hurry.

penguin cufflinks

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