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Dixie Chicks Documentary Shut Up and Sing :: Watch it.

dizie chicks documentary shut up and singReally. Very. Good.

Just finished watching Shut Up and Sing from Netflix. Not only are they incredibly inspiring women, but they are more inspiring now. To see how they stuck together, with families and dreams for their careers, and they just stuck to their convictions to continue on and make music.

I'm buying their new album, Taking the Long Way, on iTunes. I only have Wide Open Spaces, which I oddly love cleaning the house to. Especially a very sad song, the one about the husband who leaves his family. Weird how that song can just make me do an even better job of dusting.

There are a few amazing points in Shut Up and Sing, especially at the beginning of the documentary, just after Natalie said the statement about being ashamed that Bush is from Texas, a brand manager (not band manager) for Lipton or some sponsor is talking to them about letting it blow over, that Bush's approval rating was at an all time high, that the war was going well, and that everything will be fine with the rebuilding starts of Iraq. Wow.

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