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Laser Hair Removal :: 5.5th Appointment for Bikini

I always learn something at my laser hair removal appointments! This was a 5 1/2 appointment because I was so late to my other one, that the esthetician could "only" do my thighs, which take forever. Again - no pain for me. But then again, I think I finally see a purpose for my pale skin and dark leg hair - to have relatively pain-free laser hair removal!

Today I came with a few questions, and tried to absorb them all for you. It's not like I'm lying on my back, scribbling notes on a pad of paper. So, here were my questions:

I've left my thigh - that has been through 5 appointments - unshaved. Can you compare it with my calf, which has had no appointments with the laser, and tell me if you can see or feel a difference?

The esthetician felt my thigh and calf to check for a difference. But most importantly, she said, she could see the difference in the hair follicles. She looks at follicles all day, so I'm taking her word for it. She said that if I were to let it grow out and skip a hair cycle (which is when the appointments are made), it would look batchy. I guess my thigh does look smoother, and it does feel smooth...

Someone commented on my blog that she heard that American Laser Centers do not, in fact, use lasers. Is this true? Isn't that thing over there connected to an electrical box on wheels next to my head that you grab and shoot into my leg a laser?

The esthetician look stunned, and assured me that is in fact a laser. It is called an AmeriLite, the same laser that all American Laser Centers use. She says that she needs to spread the cold jelly on my skin to act as a "conductor" (meaning a conductor of laser electricity) for the laser beam. The laser head itself is about 1" long by .5" wide, and it is cold as well. I had never noticed that it was cold, but she put it on my arm without lasering me, and sure enough, it was very cold. She says it needs to be cold because the laser light is so hot, that it has to be cold.

Are you sure you're getting everything? How do you know if you miss a spot? That little laser head is kind of small.

The esthetician said that the cool ultrasound jelly stuff that acts as a conductor also leaves track marks, like lines in the sand. So she can see exactly where she's been.

I have one more appointment to go. Then I'll be in the 2-years zone of getting touchups for hair that has is on a weird growth cycle and missed the laser, or what. Meanwhile, I finally paid attention to my CreditCare bill for when I financed this expedition, and sure enough, it did remind me that if I did not pay the full amount by the time the year was up, I would have to pay the deferred APR amount, which is about $400-$550 when it's through! So I made a giant payment to complete it, but saw that I did miss 2 minimum payments. This also disqualifies me from the deferred payment plan!! Ack! So we will see if that deferred payment shows up on my bill come July. Geeze.

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