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Cordless Phone/Fax Machine On the Way!

panasonic cordless fax machineWho knew I'd be so excited about a cordless fax machine? Ok, I was more excited for the hp laserjet 1300 printer (you could get one used, I did), but I'm pretty excited for my new Panasonic KX-FPG391 cordless fax machine because it means I don't have to walk any where to make a fax, and it's replacing David's wireless phone that does not have speaker on the handset. I did some research and found that Panasonic really makes the only cordless phone fax machine around. It does have speaker on the hand set so that I can lay the phone down when I'm on hold, or just talk really loudly into the speaker because it's fun. I was going to get another model that looked cooler because it was black and was cheaper (Panasonic KX-SG6550), but after reading online reviews, read that it was crappy. So I shelled out the extra $50.

Here are the features I get on the cordless fax:

  • speaker on handset
  • plain paper feed (let's hope it doesn't jam)
  • digital answering machine
  • light up voice mail alert instead of the ear-piercing beep that is on David's old phone (my poor animals when they are home alone)
  • headset jack? don't know what that is. we'll see.
So what am I doing now? Printing out paycheck details from my former job, and then will print out deposit slips from Katie James, LLC jobs so that I can submit to the Freelancers Union to get health insurance. Note: do this soon after you quit your job, because the pay stubs I think are only good for within the first 6 months after you leave - in terms of what the Freelancers Union needs. And to print your deposit slips from your online banking, you may have a limit there. I do. It's 120 days, so I've lost a few deposit slips to the online file in the sky.

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