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Just Launched :: ReelInvitations.com, a Katie James Website

Please welcome ReelInvitations.com into the world of websites! ReelInvitations.com was the first bold client of Katie James Websites, and was the inspiration for the latest Twitterpaited and Dogwood Bouquet desktop wallpapers available at Katie-James.com.

custom dvd wedding ivitations reel invitations

ReelInvitations.com is the ingenious idea of founder Judith George, who is consumed with hearing people's "How We Met" stories, so much so, that she sort of built this company around it. ReelInvitations produces DVD wedding invitations - yes, a DVD wedding invitation to send with or instead of your paper invitations. You get to look into the camera, bat those beautiful lashes that will soon become 2x larger on your wedding day, and gush to your guests about how you had love at first site, or how you couldn't have seen it coming if it has knocked you in the head. And your soon-to-be hubby gets to star along side you and tell about his side of the story.

And because Judith herself is a Mista, we'll call her ReelInvitations Mista, she has offered for one lucky Mista reader to get a FREE invitation. Typically, you've got to live in New York, but I don't think there are set boundaries here. To enter, visit her Contact Us page and fill out the form with: "MISTA" and your name and email, or however you would like to be contacted. Good luck! And Happy Weddings!

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