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Shelving Around

David and I got each other shelving for Christmas. He from Ikea and I from West Elm. How romantic, right? But it meant I got to schedule my very own BoyFriendForHire.com - David! PS: David did surprise me by finding the Heely roller shoe in my size, maybe from Australia. Pictures of me trying to roll are to come, but let's put it this way: children have smaller things to balance.

Here is the progress we made on the apartment today. Secretly, I think David's inspiration for getting it done was the Ohio State national championship game party we're having on Monday, but I'll take shelving and a clean house! However, I had to walk away when some of the West Elm shelving anchors gave way, and David refused to drill yet another hole, but suggested squirting Elmers glue in around the hole. Not sure what this would have done, but all I can say is "Emers glue." We have one set of major shelves to go, but we've got to bring The Super in on these, since they are starting off super heavy and will hold heavy fabric.

Mathematical David aligning the crazy metal anchors that did not stay in our plaster walls...

west elm shelving

A Happy David...

west elm shelving
David's comment to this picture: "It shows I was following the directions."

west elm shelving

And voila. The new bar with West Elm floating wall shelves. Note: these may be discontinued because they are very difficult to hang straight, meaning, they tip forward like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. David had to rig these from underneath so that they were somewhat level vs that mug sliding right off and crashing into the bottles.

west elm shelving

After the Ohio State game, David is going to put together the bigger Ikea shelves and then we'll see how those suckers turn out...stay tuned!

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