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2007 Resolutions: Yoga Ball and Google Calendar

yoga ballMy resolutions for this year are all coming down to two things: a yoga ball and my Google Calendar. The yoga ball is simple. Find a place in the apartment to store it, then buy it, then sit on it and do some situps. My mom has one in her room, and over the holiday break, I did it while talking to her, and my stomach was so sore, that even my sides and back were sore. No, this out-did any stupid little situps I do on the floor after a jog, that I don't think I can ever do them again! (oh well, hehe)

google calendarAs for the Google Calendar, well, I started using it last year, and let me say that I am in love with it. I deeply wish that it would zip all information into my calendar for my iBook (and maybe it can, I just don't know), but I love being regulated by those little colorful boxes, dictating when I'm busy and when I'm over booked.

David's in the other room, talking about my business plan to my mom, and how it's not complete yet. That's another part of the Resolution. It's just another world to me, the business plan. I'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal, but when people talk business plan talk to me, it's like me talking webspeak to them. I can explain search engine optimization (seo) five times to someone, and they will have no idea what I'm talking about. Same for me with the business plan, only because it's hard for me to visualize such large numbers. It's just funny to hear David explain what I seem to have to my mom. I have some financials, but now I need to match it with the writing portion, which I've started a few times. I'll just need to start it again. Onward!

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