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Thanksgiving Potato Gun & Shotgun Style

This is how we role in Hellmuth Thanksgiving...Davids family, my
family, anyone family, all coming together to eat turkey and shoot
potatoes. This is Dad and David, loading up the potatoe gun. David's
family had the last minute errand of buying the potatoes, which are
usully regular potaoes, but they got sweet potatoes instead, which Dad
says may be an improved discovery. Inbetween potatoe gun loading, they
shoot skeet. The backdrop is of Amish country, which is where we have
a very old family farm with a vacation house in the way back. The
people who live here all the time grew some corn this year, which was
very exciting, since we haven't had corn here in maybe over a decade.
Soybeans took over. After dinner, David and I went on a walk with
Gerdy, who investigated the old pig pens, the milk processor thing,
the hay barn (which had a few too many disguised holes to fall
through), and finally the black bulls, who I didn't know were there,
but one was eyeing us...

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