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American Laser Centers: Request for Refund

Hi those of you who are following the laser hair removal process. As you know, I've remained pretty positive about my results, and about the people in my office for American Laser Centers. Today was my 15th appointment. After my 10th appointment, when the manager got very defensive after I voiced concern over the lack of results (results being no hair any more, not just hair reduction in some places), I began to see no more results. She switched me to a "new" machine that went to 50. Unlike some of you out there, I don't know the name of it. I can't keep up with these "Amerilight Whatevers" I easily went to the setting of 40, which according to some technicians in the office, was not common and was high.

I didn't blog about my 13th or 14th appointments because they became boring. Although I enjoyed my time talking to the technician during the process, I went home hopeful that less would grow in. However, not much would change, and it was a downer until the next appointment.

I went to my 15th appointment this morning, which had to be rescheduled b/c my husband had to go to jury duty for my previous appointment and someone needed to be home to receive a package. I rescheduled it for some time later because it seemed that my regular technician wanted me on her watch. So I waited an additional 2 weeks to get onto her calendar. When I showed up this morning, I was with a brand new technician. Normally this would be fine - don't they all do the same thing - but this was a mix up and I wasted those 2 weeks. It is clear to me now that in my case, I am wasting time going to these appointments, and I have requested a refund. I will keep you posted.

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