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The Ring. Bling-a-Ling.

David presented me with this ring on Christmas Eve day, which is when he got to my parent's house in Cleveland. We were in the kitchen, my dad had just finished making coffee, and wrapping paper was all over the counter. He was so funny about it because he was in such a rush to get it onto my finger, so we snuck to the family room behind the Christmas tree, and I opened the box. The ring of our dreams was tucked inside. I'm putting pictures of it for the world to see because we are so proud of it, and David keeps grabbing my hand to stare.

We did "design" it with Jeff Johnson of the Diamond Celler. David gave me one weekend to do a few sketches and print out what I liked and didn't like in engagement rings. He was much more involved than I had ever expected. I never thought I see a man fight so hard for filigree (which we don't have, but there is carving on the band). Our preferences: diamond dust around it is great; it can't be in a box that you can see through; it can't have shoulders like a class ring; filigree ok but not around the whole band; we like the diamond nestled into something and not sticking out; no huge prongs to hold the diamond.

ring on hand

The diamond is a mine cut from the turn of the century, which means that it was cut in the mines before they had precision technology machines. David had set some of my grandmother's diamonds from earrings I remember her wearing.

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