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Stocking Stuffers! For Girls.

Here we go - the beginning of a stocking stuffer list for Christmas. Or really, for any day. Because we should have stockings every day, I think. Shoot. I might have to buy all of what I post! Resist. Resist. But you - you should buy.

SoapyLove - reindeer soap - $6.00
I have bought SoapyLove soap, and it is awesome. So pretty. It's amazing how pretty it is. And affordable
reindeer soap stocking stuffer

Jack and Jane Boutique
elephant magnets - $5.50
elephant magnet stocking stuffer

square glass coffee mug magnets - $7.99
square glass coffee mug magnets stocking stuffer

Katie James
cotton and french terrycloth burp cloths - $36/set (who is this lovely designer? oh, it's me ;)
cotton and french terry burp cloth

quality, cashmere, legwarmer - $125 (ok, that's a pricey stocking stuffer, but check out their other striped sweat pant legwarmer)
black danskin cashmere legwarmer stocking stuffer

...more to come as I collect it...or send me some tips! Make a comment and I'll check it out.

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