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New Websites from Katie James Pixelated!

I almost forgot to announce them! Designs have been percolating in the Katie James Pixelated studio, and here are the latest: Mugi Pottery's new website, and the blog of My Beauty Beat.

Mugi Pottery
Mugi Pottery's new website by Katie James Pixelated
Mugi wanted a fun and contemporary design for their website. They offer classes in the studio for kids and adults, which are wonderful (I've taken them), so they wanted to give off a fun atmosphere for the kids, as well as a relaxed atmosphere for adults. They also love pictures of their pots, so in addition to bordering the website with pictures of the studio and of the pots, we created a slide show of How to Make a Pot. Once you watch it, you are that much closer to knowing how to "throw" pottery on the wheel! If you live in New York, and want to take some pottery classes, do check out this upper west side pottery studio. And if you stop in, do check out their $5 and $20 bins. I lucked out and found a beautiful tall vase that had cracked on the bottom. I just put dried flowers in it.

My Beauty Beat Blog
My Beauty Beat's new blog by Katie James Pixelated
My Beauty Beat couldn't say enough about skin care products. Katie James Pixelated designed her website and enewsletter, and now the My Beauty Beat Blog. My Beauty Beat wanted the blog to offer the same environment and experience, while maintaining that "bloggy" look with the side columns, comments, a full page of many blog posts, and an easy way to get back to the website. A streaming list of recent blog posts is available from the website, so it's easy to get from one to the other. My Beauty Beat offers free and trusted advice on skin care, and goes into why each product may or may not be worth your money. The blog goes into to detail on how to care for oily skin, best 10 products under $10, why soap is dirty, and much, much more. The woman behind it all formerly worked in "Wall Street" in the biotechnology sector, and while nurturing her passion for skin care, tested combinations of ingredients in her kitchen to know which were effective and why, in addition to talking to industry experts for her research. So she knows her stuff. Do consult with her before you make your next skin care product purchase! And she does take your questions and suggestions, so contact her to review your favorite product!

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