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Happy Birthday to Me!!

my 30th birthday cake design

I'm 30!
I am a big girl now! An official adult with adult things to do like make birthday cakes and beg someone to bring me a Dairy Queen cake from somewhere not Manhattan because apparently there are no Dairy Queens in Manhattan!
Being 30 means I can:
  • Hire a cleaning woman once a month. I snuck it in after the bedroom got painted because it was sooo dusty, and let me tell you, it is always worth hiring a professional do to something you are not a professional at. A professional will not overlook dusting books like you will, 30 times.
  • Own property! It was my vow to invest in real estate when I am 30. So here I am. Where will I move to? Upstate NY? Charleston SC? Will David come?
  • Be like Brangelina and expand the family. There may be a Baby Gerdy in the future, like if Gerdy could have puppies, but adopted, this little "Ewokian" would be her adopted dog. See pictures of the baby Ewokian here.
  • Make my wardrobe a priority, because I'm 30 now and I'm worth it. I have a pretty good wardrobe thanks to mom, but the time has come to step it up.
  • Continue expanding Katie James because it is just so fun, and I meet so many great people.

Ok, reflection time is over. Back to conference calls, building web pages, making a delish lunch, showering after my run (shh, don't tell), and maybe making the cats a new FashionMista (the term FashionMista was first coined as a plush cat toy for Dinah).

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