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Watch Your Inboxes! Daily Candy Spots Some of Best Jewelry - Gemma Redux

Gemma Redux jewelryYou'll notice that the posts on this blog have been slow, well here's why: we're helping whoever wants it with websites. Gemma Redux needed us to convert their cart from a custom constructed shopping cart to ZenCart, and boy oh boy, did we break apart ZenCart and put it back together again to keep her classy design. As we were building the site, mosing along, I got an email from Rachel of Gemma Redux, telling me that there was a good chance that Daily Candy was going to feature them, and can we make the site live asap. As we say at Collectie-E: Yes we can do that! Or as Tim Gun says: Make it work!

So we've been making it work, but how could we not. Gemma Redux designs are like nothing you've ever seen before. Chains, stones, fabric, knots, oh boy. As we were cropping each image to make the detail shot (yes, our handywork is on every single thing you look at there), I have to admit, that I kind of wanted to eat those chains. I know it's weird. But I am so in love with her jewelry. I mean, what makes her tick? What is she thinking as she sits at her desk designing, to create these combinations? And did you know that she was a lawyer in a past life, and just recently quit? Yes! She quit in this economy. And she is a Collective-E member, which means that we pitch members all the time, whether they submit themselves or not (sometimes the pitches are just too quick a turn-around so we run with it), and Rachel was one of the five entrepreneurs and Collective-E members that were included in a Reuters article that was picked up by Forbes.com and Yahoo News right away.

Anyway, so visit Gemma Redux with the rest of the Daily Candy followers. Here's her post! Meanwhile, we'll be typing away on our keyboards and on the phone with servers to make sure that her website sustains the flood of traffic it will hopefully get. Yay!

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