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Pre wedding pictures and recap

Gray Gables house for wedding

Girls shopping pre wedding

Crumbs cupcakes

Wedding command central

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Gray Gables house for wedding

Mirror picture makeup

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Girls doing makeup

Girls putting on veil

Our wedding was amAzing. Beyond amazing. Beyond perfect. Beyond words! I can only tell stories about it, b/c it just was. Early on in the wedding planning, my mom and I had to get on the same page as to who was directing the wedding planning show. And in this day in age, I was expecting to direct the show (case in point, Made of Honor). But my mom wanted to throw us a magnificent party just as her parents had done for her. And let me tell you. She had a vision, and it was executed by so many loved ones. It really was like being in Mama Mia and I was the blond daughter running around, and my mom was Myrle Streep setting things up, arranging secret things (like Crumbs cupcakes for wedding cake! and Jeni's ice cream).

I was lucky to have some friends come in early, and my mom had her friends come in early and work their magic. My godmother, who goes by Godmother Mista on this blog, was the first to arrive on a Wednesday, and after a leisurely shopping and lunch break in Boothbay Harbor, we got to work on all of the little projects that were to become the decorations and special treats for the wedding.

My mother set up shop in the living room of our house, complete with color printer, two laptops, scissors, reams and reams of ribbon, reams of paper, every tourism pamphlet available from the Damariscotta Chamber of Commerce, contact sheets of phone numbers for vendors and relatives, a special Damariscotta Pottery vase she treated herself to to hold her special pens, and more.

My Aunt Mary was there before David and I arrived, and she wrote lists upon lists of things my mom had to complete (not on my orders!): ice cream to confirm, ribbons to cut, buckey squares to make, boxes to fold, wax paper to cut, dry cleaning to pick up and drop off, etc. David was busy running errands and golfing, picking up alcohol in New Hampshire to save on taxes (illegal), scheduling a bus for folks who needed a ride the night of the wedding, nudging me to call the band to schedule specific songs, making sure all men who wanted to play golf were scheduled, and more.

We were there in Maine two weeks prior to The Day. I pledged to work until noon during the first week on the different website projects at Katie James Pixelated and on Collective-E, and then I was visiting whoever was in town, running quick errands, threading programs with ribbons, and accepting more friends who just kept arriving! The second week started the blur, and all I can remember was bouncing around different family members and friends.

The weather delivered sunshine for us each day, despite 30% chance of rain on certain days. On the Friday before the wedding, my great aunt gave a delicious cocktail party on her porch overlooking Christmas Cove for our families, which totaled about 75 people. This was followed by soup and salad at my grandpa's rental down the street, which was so fun. Saturday was a boat cruise hosted by my uncles (mom and dad's brothers - 5 total), followed by the yummiest rehearsal dinner lobster bake for everyone given by David's parents. The next morning, Sunday, some of my mom's friends hosted a "drive-by" brunch for early am golfers. Yes, most of the men played golf before the wedding, as part of a "family tradition" (note my rolling eyes), and they and anyone who wanted to come by were fed with muffins, fruit and other delectables.

Meanwhile, I was in our house, surrounded by love. I was shooed away from helping set up the reception, so I could do nothing but get pampered by my girls: my sister, my dear friend Dental Mista, and our adopted sister who we'll call Film&Finance Mista and who stayed in the house with us. We did do a "sneak attack" of table cards, as those were a last minute assignment and assembly. But after that, it was up to the bathroom for us, to blow dry and curl hair, paint nails, apply makeup, and have a few early toasts to keep us on target. It was so fun getting ready in this fashion with my ladies, who were scampering around with blow dryers and curling irons, making sure we had cold beer and eventually champaign, cameras, etc. My mom ran up to ask if I was "live blogging" the scene, and I wasn't because I was trying really hard to be officially unplugged, but at that mention/request (I read it as a request ;) ), I popped open the laptop and tried to zoom up some pictures just to do it. The wedding photographer made her way into the bathroom and caught some of the action, but I don't have her photos yet.

PHOTO CREDITS: All photos on this post are courtesy of Courtney and Eric Jonke, Allison and Jim Grant, Kelly and Josh Wimmer, and some from my camera ;) .

So, without further adieu, I'm going to post some pictures as they come in. There are some batches that I've heard of, but don't have access to yet (ahem - film users vs digital). Meanwhile, here are some of the wonderful people that contributed to the wedding, followed by pictures:

My Mom. Woa.

My Dad. Woa. He even brought his home-made speakers and not only made them work for The Day, but work perfectly and fill the yard with sound.

David's parents. Woa.

David's sisters and best man/brother-in-law :: Made sure everyone was where they should be, packed honeymoon bags, had cell service, and more.

Uncle David of Vintage Point :: helped us with wine from his boutique distributorship. My favorites are Freakout and the parrot one

Uncle Bill of Nature Friendly Products (biodegradable) :: helped us with his biodegradable plates, silverware, cups, etc for the reception. Very good quality!

Aunt Janie :: My godmother who executed my mother's vision and became my 2nd mother of the bride, and a mother of the bride to my mother. How funny! She planned all of the music, designed and printed the program, made sure the reception tables were set up in just the way she and my mom tinkered with for hours in excel, assumed the role of Fraunk from Father of the Bride, and so much more.

Alia, Kristen, Kimber, Courtney :: My girls who all assumed the position of bridesmaid and made me wish that they all lived here! Or that I lived there, but with everyone in the same place!

Lexa :: David's niece and Official Dog Walker of Gerdy who did a great job bribing Gerdy with a hot dog to get her to walk down the isle instead of lie down in the middle of it.

Lurie of Seacoast Catering :: Wedding and lobster bake caterer. The best wedding food you will ever have, in my opinion. ;) And she was so great to work with, as the entire state of Maine knows.

Kimberly :: Wedding photographer...website link to come...she was super, and her husband came and climbed on rocks in possible poison ivy to "get the shot"!

Cottage Gardens :: Producers of beautiful hanging baskets and potted urns of purple petunias.

Lourdes of Bijou Boutique :: She designed exquisite earrings for the bridesmaids at the last minute. Pictures of those to come on the next post of wedding pictures.

My Mom's Friends and our aunts and cousins :: These were the secret fairies, who just showed up at our house and did whatever needed done: watering flowers, decorating tables, collecting and delivering things, and more that I don't know about.

David's Friends :: These people were amazing. Some assumed the role of videographer, taker-downers of speakers, movers of chairs if needed, and more.

Some Pre Wedding Pics:

Ohio State caps on boat
David in an OSU cap after the boat cruise. David's been dreaming of buying a motorcycle. I think he certainly needs to get on one in this photo!

David and men preparing
David and his men in the tech rehearsal run through...My brother is far left, Big E Man is next, and the best man (David's brother-in-law) is on the right.

Katie and girls preparing
My girls and me in tech run through...there are a lot of steps to remember, so I'm a little confused and afraid of what I will forget...As always, I'm surrounded by my ladies - my sister on the left, and Dental Mista (Alia) on the right. My dad is behind us, and my grandfather is in the left hand corner.

Gerdy  preparing
Gerdy was taking notes during the tech rehearsal. She knows what's going on, and when she is to walk down the isle.

Music man
Dad's speakers were over at the rehearsal dinner site, but we were supposed to do the rehearsal to my Godmother Mista's precision timed music selection. So Courtney and I rallied and found this little boom box with CD player in it. Merrit, our imported go-to-guy who worked for his supper (my godfather's son), holds up the music for the run through.

OSU wedding cake
David's mom got him a groom's cake - of the OSU stadium! It got a little tossed around in the car on the drive up...but I thought it looked great.

TJ with lobster at rehearsal
My brother with lobster and corn at the rehearsal dinner. Barbaric, I know. But so good with hot butter and salt...

Ok, next post is for the wedding pictures of The Day...this is a lot of work collecting these photos!

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