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Wedding Update: In Maine, 8 days away

Truly, this is a fairy godmother experience. There is so much going on, that my brain can't write this in a poetic way, but in a bullet point way. So here goes:

  • We've met with the Flower vendor. When we met with them in May, I told the main guy that I luuuved deep purple flowers. Even though the wedding colors are pink and brown (with a cream base), I just love deep purple for the flowers. My mom, on the other hand, was focused on pink, so we left the table with different visions, but didn't realize it until 4 months later when we saw the potted baskets of petunias, and all were deliciously violet! Mom panicked, thinking it was wrong, but when I saw, I just melted with happiness. So all is on track there. Mom brought up a wrought iron arch from home, and that will be decorated. Stakes with tulle will be at water's edge. Bouquet will be wildflowers and include Veronica, which Dad says he kills in the yard, and says that if he sees it, he will spray it with weed killer. Hahah.
  • Bijou Boutique just sent the custom designed bridesmaid earrings! Gold circles with dangly things. She and I are funny. I talk in "dangly things" and she knows what I mean.
  • Caterer is happy now that we have firm numbers (150 people) and has taken charge. I'm reminding everyone to just listen to her and let her proceed with her decisions, and not rethink where the location of the bar is 30 times over.
  • Tables set up in the Casino is still an open discussion, even though in my mind I have "tabled" it. It's crowded for 150 people all inside, and David thinks it's OK to have some tables out on the porch, but Mom wants everyone inside together. Outside is actually beautiful, and I'd love to eat out there. So who the heck knows.
  • Dad brought up his home made speakers and has been playing them on the lawn each night. Sometimes it's old time jazz, sometimes it's organs. The neighbors actually enjoy it.
  • Speaking of neighbors, we have new friends! They are granting us use of their lawn for the ceremony, and although we've never really talked to them in all these years, we are fast friends, and they are trimming up their beauuuutiful garden, lending us hydrangia petals, and we can take pictures in front of their garden!
  • Programs are done. My godmother printed them on her computer, and they are 8 pages. You heard that right. And darn cute!!
  • My Aunt made 150 buckeys as party favors, and we folded 300 boxes/lids for them to go into.
  • Flower arrangements will not be arrangements but will be strewn on the table. Thanks to suggestion from new flower neighbors.
  • My dress still fits. David walked in on us almost trying it on! But didn't see anything.
  • Friends start arriving tomorrow. Days will become action packed.
  • We've already eaten two rounds of steamers and lobsters.
  • Gerdy. Sweet Gerdy. She just doesn't know what to do and makes sure she is in the car with us at all times.
  • Oliver, back at home, got his stitches out. He's doing great.
  • Oh. My time for this p ost has run out. I must get into the shower in order to go with David to meet our officient in Wiscassett for lunch and to go over our ceremony words. She is with Allin1Weddings.com. Love it!

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