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A little update and a new Katie James team member

Hello Mistas!
I have created a moment of silence - a Cone of Silence - amidst some very busy times around here! Thank goodness my mom wanted to plan our wedding, because at this point, if I were in charge, we'd be having a make-shift picnic with P&J's and I'd just be showing up in the wrong yard in a smashing dress! My Bridesmaids have been more stressed about their dresses than I have been, one having a nightmare that she was naked. Whoo! Open ends on the to-do list at this point are:

- Who is marrying us - Religious Man vs Notary. Right now, it's the Notary. But he has stated that he is no wordsmith and needs to be told what to say. Maybe we should hire Word Bird to write our vows and everything else Ceremony related. ;)  Not sure what is going on for the ceremony at this point.

- Music. My dad, who is a mad scientist, has asked me if he can bring his home-built speakers, which is fine, because they are beautiful and "really sound like the orchestra is in the living room!" However, he has informed me that music from my iPod is under-par for them, and may actually dilute their purity. He tells me he will get any CD I want from the library and use those. This confuses me, because anything on a shiny piece of plastic seems like it'd be the same as what is inside of a titanium machine, but whatever. My magical Godmother has just made iPod speakers appear out of thin air, which is what I've been secretly wishing for.

- Music. Must make playlists.

- Seating chart. On Mom's list, but David and I have to approve and suggest.

- Grooms shirts. Must buy. Debate has been over whether or not they will be white, brown, or pink. Some want light blue. Light blue makes me gag, so I've been trying to vote that out. Here is David in is super sexy suit to give you an idea on color. This is on David's to-do list.

- Veil. I must make this! Correction: "must" is my word. No one is making me do this. I just want to. Have the fabric and comb. Must make practice one, then real one.

- Gerdy's super special Flower Dog leash. Have the fabric (embroidered silk with pearls). Must fold and sew. Really not that hard. (correction: just took a break for a phone call, so started the leash, but cannot cut in straight line. that's all a dog leash is - a straight line - so am in trouble).

- Ring pouch. Must make little pouch for rings from fabric of Gerdy's leash.

- Thank You note stationery. Must pick up from the Post Office, where it is sitting from when I ordered from Etsy. Have lots of thank yous to write!!! How cute are these??

I think that's the Wedding To Do List on my end. My mom has her own huge one that I don't even think about. This involves securing the menu, ordering the cupcake kit (yes, cupcake kit, more to come), and other things I don't tamper with.

Meanwhile, I'm starting a new company! haha. It will launch September 24th. Details to come when the new temporary home page is up. So am I crazy person? No! I have a great support system in place, and have added Jackie Nees of Integrity Office Solutions to the Katie James team! Jackie just quit her unfulfilling  day job to be a full time Virtual Assistant, and not only does she come packed with administrative genius, but she's a trained graphic designer! Please welcome her to the team, check out her new blog Virtual Girl Virtual World, and see her new Sponsor ad in the top right column of this blog!

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