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Laser Hair Removal Followup: Spring Short Shorts

Hello All,
I wore my first pair of short shorts of the season from Lucky Brand. So they were short! I put them on without a care on whether or not I'd had time to shave. Why? Because that double pass from my 11th appointment was effective. Finally, most of the bikini is not coming back. The thighs are much thinner and very stunted. I was able to skip two shaving sessions on them (my calves have not been done).

That's about all there is to tell you. I'm not putting percentages on it yet, because I try to let it grow out to make sure that nothing comes back, but it's hard to let things grow out when there are only a few little guys coming in. The thighs still have a bit to go, but are at least very patchy to the touch, whereas before, no patchy and all continued stubble.

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