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Cheap Decorating Tip: Flower Petals in a Bubble Bath Jar

Here's a little house decoration I made yesterday because some tiny purple flowers had finally dried out and were ready for the trash. But I didn't want to put them in the trash, and a few had fallen into the clear glass vase they had been in, and I thought: "Now doesn't that look pretty."

I had some other dried rose petals lying around (I know, don't we all?). Another case of me not wanting to throw away flowers. I had carefully stripped the dried roses of their dry petals one by one and placed them into a pretty pottery bowel in the living room.

In this case, I took a pretty jar of Fresh's Milk bubble bath, that I just love, and gently brushed the dried purple flowers into it. I'm not sure what these purple flowers were called, but they wre only $1.50 at the flower store, for a stem that had about 5 bunches off of it. I quickly realized I didn't have enough, so added some of the dried flower petals, covered the top, and gently shook the flower petals so that the little purple ones would get mixed up with the rose petals.

And voila!

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