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Copy of Sleep Mask Re-Spun

The Katie James Sleep Mask is so great, and works so well, that even a Sleep Mask Skeptic has woken up on the right side of the bed, now that the Katie James Sleep Mask blocked all of the light from the previous night of sleeping.

This craftster has started her Christmas crafting and picked the Katie James Sleep Mask to copy and give to her niece-in-law, with Tiger printed fabric. Here's what she says about it:
sleep mask

"I personally have never liked sleep masks because a) they let light sneak up along the sides of the nose and so are pretty pointless and b) if I tighten them up so no light leaks in, I feel like I can't breath. So this one is cut of over the nose, and it works!"

More sleep masks in different styles coming soon, by the way. They are in production in Alabama as we speak.

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