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Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products :: Heavenly

mrs meyers lavender bar soapI am so overcome with the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Geranium room freshener, that I had to blog about it. I sprayed the room freshener version onto the couch yesterday, and after I've collapsed onto the couch to type this (after David and I just rearranged the bedroom), the fresh smell of geranium drifts up, and I'm in a geranium heaven.

You know what Mrs. Meyer's is good for? Presents. I'm giving them to David's sister for housing us in her house for week when we visited. But I have to premise it with: "This is not a hint to better clean your house. Your furniture smells fine, and your house sparkles. I just think that these cleaning products are wonderful and happy, and that they would make you happy too." Sound ok?

Which stores carry Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, you ask? I first found the lavender and geranium at Gourmet Garage when our apartment was overcome with mystery smells and in need of a good scrubbing. Unimpressed with and tired of Fabreeze (not to mention David doesn't like the smell), I splurged on geranium Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day room freshener, the lavender surface scrub, and the geranium hand soap for the bathroom. But for David's sister, I'm ordering from Amazon to have them shipped directly.

Yum! I'm telling you, you'll want to drink it is smells so good!

Here's what I'm buying online, and giving as the thank you present:

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Surface Scrub, Lemon Verbena
She likes to clean with actual lemons and baking soda, which is super effective because I tried it, so this is for days when she doesn't feel like mixing her concoction.
mrs meyers clean day surface scrub
Learn more about Mrs. Meyer's lemon surface scrub from Amazon >

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Shower Cleaner, Geranium
Amazon didn't have the room freshener, but his sister does have a brand new beautiful bathroom, so I'm getting the daily shower cleaner.
mrs meyers clean day surface scrub
Learn more about Mrs. Meyer's geranium shower cleaner from Amazon >

There's loads more in Amazon, so sniff around! (couldn't resist the pun)

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