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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day Eve was spent curled in bed next to Gerdy, who was blocking 10 mile per hour gusts of wind coming through the makeshift cardboard window blocker from the air conditioner that we keep in the window all year (nowhere to put it). It took two hours for my feet to warm up! But I was grateful that I was not homeless, and that I had saved Oliver the Terrible Orphan, because what if he was shivering out there. So sad!

But then, at the break of dawn, like in a cartoon, smells of bacon drifted into the bedroom even though I could not hear a sound coming from the kitchen. David had quietly gotten out of bed and made our Paul Bunyan breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and mini Pillsbury things to the soundtrack of Allison Krauss & Union Station. Then he brought over flowers. My Valentine wishes were granted when he gave me the Sakura Washi Earrings!
sakura washi earrings

I gave David the big wheels t-shirt because he was the King of the Curb in his childhood days, and a yummy pair of Access corduroys that are a smidge too small, so I'll take them back and hope there is another size.
big wheels t-shirt

Oh, and if you'd like some valentine hearts for your computer's desktop, have some Valentines Hearts desktop wallpaper from Katie James! It's a free download. Happy day! Hopefully you're not buried under mounds of snow like folks in Ohio and the rest of the Midwest are! It's pelting frozen rain right now! I'm afraid to go outside!

valentine hearts desktop wallpaper

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