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All Clean from Caffine

It's official. I've gone 2 straight days with no caffine, and no Advil. But I'm not gonna lie. This morning I work up with a strong urge for the tall-half-caff-one-pump-vanilla latte. Even as I write this I can smell it!!

I stopped drinking it for many reasons, and they include:
  • Don't need it, I'm pretty much awake when I'm awake.
  • I get the shakes if I don't eat, and then I've proven capable of consuming a bunch of brownies.
  • CAFFINE WITHDRAWL HEADACHES. This was the main one. Even in TN for Thanksgiving, coffee was made, but it wasn't Starbucks, so I think it was a little weaker, and I got a withdrawal headache even after I drank it. So dumb.
  • Sugar dumbs my brain, and I like my sugar in my coffee.
Shoot. This is really hard not to leave the office right now and get a red cup of Starbucks. Half the reason I like going in there is because of their super lovely graphic design on the cards, cups, napkins, etc. It's always an inspiration.

Ok, leaving to get lunch. We'll see how I do.

PS: I think this cup is Asian. It's from this blog...

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