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The Pancake Town Murder

Yes. The Pancake Town Murder, where they debate on whether or not to have pancakes on the water tower. My own mother, who hardly reads this blog for fear that my life will be taken by stalkers, is hooked on the Burton Blog, unofficial chronicler of an unsolved murder in the middle of Cleveland's Amish Country, where all the horses are buggied or behind fences, all the children are working with their parents in the fields, and all the odd ducks like my family come to shoot homemade potato guns into corn fields. If you're in Stars Hollow withdrawal, this could be the blog for you.

I could not resist passing this on to you, if you are in need of a good murder/mystery book, but would prefer an "as-it-happens" style over Mary Higgins Clark. The author of the Burton Blog is a gun shop owner who has this to say about guns: "You know me – I’m always on the lookout for guns being used in a positive manner." He's been tracking the unsolved murder of a man who was shot to death at 6am with his girlfriend by his side...or was she. He's also apparently solved it...

Enticing Burton Blog headlines:

We got him... Relax now... (but they actually don't...)
Find that murder shotgun...
"The Pancake Town Murder" by J. Renner
Should Mary undergo a Lie Detector Test?
Time of Dan's murder is odd...
Powder residue test on Mary? Tells whole story?
Gun in one hand, tape with the other?
How do you tape someone w/a shotgun in your hands?
Are you out there Mary?
Mary's friend provides insight...
11-year old witness to Dan Ott's death...
I have a conversation with Mary's cousin...

Small Town Topics

Our little Ginny the Guinea is missed...
Keeping guns during a disaster!!!
Water Tower Cartoon - Pancakes???
Oh no! What's under that water tower cover?

As author James Renner says: "Come in for the maple syrup. Stay for the murder."

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